Before-Tricia I had been overweight all my life, chubby kid to large teen and right into an overweight college student. I graduated college and soon decided enough was enough. Over the next 2 years, I lost 65 pounds and kept it off for the next 5 years. A few pounds crept back on, and I knew I wanted to get rid of them and tone up. I had always wanted a personal trainer to kick my butt and teach me new exercises. Once engaged, I metNatonée  at a bridal show and instantly felt a connection. She was outgoing and her story was inspirational. I met her a couple weeks later, and began training right then. For the next 10 months leading up to my wedding, Natonée motivated me and pushed me through each and every session. When I thought I couldn’t do anymore, she pushed me and encouraged me even more. Although the scale numbers were tough to budge, my body was After-Triciacompletely sculpted and toned come wedding day thanks to Natonée‘s dedication to me and my personal goals. Natonée  is professional, yet tough. She took my goals and helped me accomplish them. Her dedication to her clients is impressive, and she works around the clock to answer questions, offer nutritional advice, and conducts research to keep up with the latest workout trends and exercises.” ~ Tricia Forde, 31