Melve’s Journey

I would like to introduce you to Melve Warren, she has lost 150 lbs. and still counting over the past 16 months. Melve and I have a personal connection, she is my mother, a grandmother of 4 and a great grandmother of 2. Let’s begin her journey.

beforemelveAs a person who has struggled with her weight all of her life and who has lost and gained weight several times, Melve was no stranger to the world of dieting but, that was all it was, a diet.  At 330 lbs. she was finally ready to make a lifestyle change and she was determined to be successful this time around. During this process there are so many reasons why she is to be applauded.

REASON 1 – She never lost focus. When she began, it was extremely difficult to get started and I gave her one piece of advice – start slow – just do 3 minutes of marching in place with Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds. After only 2 weeks she was marching with Walk away the pounds for 10 min. Today, as we all know, a journey always has its twists and turns, ups and downs, but Melve quickly got back on course always learning from it and being a student to the process. Early in this process, Melve realized that she would have to be uncomfortable sometimes in order to achieve success.  We all know that if it were easy to lose weight we would all be at our perfect size. That feeling of being uncomfortable is our body adapting to change, that’s all.

REASON 2 – Overcoming adversity. During this journey, she lost the one person who cheered her on each week as she lost and on occasion gained weight, her mom. During that time she gained mostly all of the weight she lost, so that only meant she had to do it all over again. Melve did do it again, but shortly after she began, she suddenly and tragically lost sight in one eye. Now, partially blind, Melve didn’t give up, although she had to fight to have a positive outlook, she overcame it. Now, when she did Walk Away the Pounds, she couldn’t see it clearly but she listened to the music and to this day, the music is what motivates and gets her going.

REASON 3 – Unwavering commitment. One thing I must say about Melve is that when she has a plan, she STICKS to it no matter what – birthdays, weddings, barbecues, even vacations. For Melve, these events weren’t about the food, it was about the socialization, so for most of the occasions, she cooked the food and never tasted her cooking — now that’s will power.

REASON 4 – Accountability. Through her journey, Melve turned to Weight Watchers for her weekly accountability partner and support system. It was her refuge and the one place where she wasn’t judged but supported and who ultimately recognized her as an inspiration to all and due to that unwavering support, Melve lost for 52 consecutive weeks – AMAZING.

Well, to date, Melve has lost 152 lbs and counting, her goal is to lose an additional 25 lbs and I have no doubt in my mind that she will achieve it. I’ll keep you posted, in the mean time, here are her before and after pictures – I hope they inspire you.

Congrats Ma –  I am so proud of you, you are the driving force behind my success. Keep up the fantastic work and I’m right there cheering you on.

Continued Success – Melve is still working towards her goal weight.  Almost there, less than 20 lbs to go.  You can do it Ma!  The whole world is watching and cheering you on!