Muscle distribution model feature is only available in InBody520.
Segmental Muscle Analysis graphs tells you where you need to focus on muscle development.
Dual graphs that clearly show treatment effects, and personalizes results.
Comprehensive test results and an evaluation that anyone can understand.
Previous results are stored and can be printed out anytime.
Provides easy upgrade and separate data storage.
Optional selection of result sheet for different purposes.
Quick setup function to configure the device on the initial screen.
Colorful display of test results through high resolution Color LCD.
Selection of sound and music available to play during the test.
Exquisite design that demands interest and intrigues everyone.

Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Mass
Intracellular Water
Extracellular Water
Current Total Body Water
Dry Lean Mass
Body Mass Index(BMI)
Percent Body Fat
Segmental Lean Mass(Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
Fat Control, LBM Control, Basal Metabolic Rate
Impedance of each segment at each frequency

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